Eat, Meet, Work, 3 Carnets de Voyage's activities

in Lorgues

Warm and cold drinks, beer and wines

They will bring back good memories and transport you to Morocco, India, Japan, the United States… A range of teas, coffees, fresh juices, beers and wines coming from all over the world, in addition to our local microbrewery beer and wine.

A cosy and friendly place

Our team will make you feel at home all day long. Enjoy a morning tea or coffee, a meal with friends, or a sweet snack before picking up the kids at school!

The restaurant is also opened every Friday and Saturday evenings fom mid-September to mid-June.
There will be special events. Please call us for more details or join us on our Facebook page.

The Little Ones, will have their special place with kid furniture and games.

For working on your own or as a team...

The first (or second) floor is a quiet space dedicated to use for work, studies and meetings.
Work as you want, in a cosy environment, complete with office furniture, sofas and armchairs and access to the Internet via high-speed fiber optic network with RJ45 plugs or WiFi.
We also provide:

  • laser printer (paid photocopies),
  • Projector,
  • AND small conference room for 6 to 8 people, that you can privatize anytime. (10€/hour)

Other services


Every month, we offer the following activities for which you will find practical information (exact dates, times, etc.) on Facebook and Instagram.

Our "storytelling" evenings led by professional storytellers with various profiles and nationalities are always accompanied by a culinary "immersion" around a shared dinner to give participants the opportunity to meet, exchange with each other and with the storyteller.

A book club to discover other genres, other authors but also to exchange, feed our conversations, discover affinities and have a good time.

One month, a Lorgues winery: our event around local wines.
After an evening of tasting, the restaurant invites you to continue discovering the winery's wines to accompany your meals for one month.

Exhibitions of paintings and photos with very different styles and genres because our region is full of talented artists!

Painters, photographers, writers and artists, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to place your art at the forefront.


Contact us for the help organize your meetings during business hours or private or business events in the evening.
We will do our best to answer your needs limited only by our capacity restrictions!

About Us...

I grew up in a small village in the Alsace region of France. My grandparents and parents owned a local restaurant. Since then I’ve been nostalgic for that ambiance of happiness, good nature and human warmth.

These good memories gave me the idea to build a place where people can gather and enjoy good and healthy food.

Lorgues, in Provence, came as an obvious choice: life brought me here with my family in 2002 and since then we have enjoyed the warm welcome of its inhabitants and the magnificent scenery. I just could not imagine embarking on this venture anywhere else!

“Carnets de voyage” is located in our townhouse built for monks in 1780.The last occupants were Madame Thill and her husband, George Thill, a famous tenor from the opera de Paris in the 1930’s.
7 years later, we awakened, and are lovingly caring for her.

Why “Carnets de voyage”?

For the last 30 years, I have been sharing my time between France and abroad (Senegal, the United States, French Guiana, Morocco, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and India).

All these life experiences have fed and built my personality. I love traveling – experiencing the beauty, the sights, the learning, the people, and the challenges.